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Our wealth management process is thorough, ongoing, and carefully executed by implementing the following steps:

1 Assessment and Goal Setting

  • Gather and organize all pertinent data.
  • Identify, quantify, and prioritize goals and objectives.
  • Evaluate and identify risk tolerance.


2 Develop a Strategic Plan

  • Develop an asset allocation strategy using techniques that accomplish our investment approach.
  • Prepare an Investment Policy Statement which will contain the objectives, investment process, risk tolerance, and asset allocation to achieve the clients goals.
  • Create Risk Management Strategies.


3 Implementation of the Investment Plan

  • Allocate assets based upon our investment approach.
  • Implement and integrate the investment plan into the total wealth management process that will include areas such as estate planning and asset protection.


4 Continuous Wealth Management Monitoring

  • On-going performance measurement and evaluation.
  • Quarterly reporting.
  • Frequent client review meetings.
  • Investment policy statement supervision.
  • Due diligence.