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Your Financial Partner

— We not only work for you, we work with you —


Financial Planning & Investment Advice, Tailored To You


At Regal Capital Management, we believe in the value of long term relationships. Our main focus is working with clients to best establish their needs, and provide them with valuable solutions to help them achieve their Financial Goals. As a Registered Investment Advisory Firm, we are dedicated to providing sound financial and investment advice, uniquely tailored for your specific situation and needs. Whether you are going through a life transition, running a business, or managing a non- profit organization, we are here to help.

Financial Solutions

— That Provide Value —


About Us


Our Philosophy is Simple: We are based upon stewardship and not salesmanship. At Regal Capital Management, we revolve our practice around the following ideal- giving clients peace of mind concerning their financial well being by providing superior wealth management. 

Fee-Only, Objective Advice

As a Fee-Only Firm, the advice we provide 100% objective and free from any conflicts of interest. Our investment recommendations are based on our own independent research, and we are dedicated to providing sound advice for the sole interest of our clients.  

Our Mission

By partnering with our clients, we work to accumulate, manage, and protect wealth through holistic financial planning and superior investment counsel. 

A Broad Range of Clients

At Regal Capital Management, we believe everybody deserves sound financial advice..Our clientele consists of individuals and families, retirees and soon to be retirees, non-profit organizations, and businesses. We can develop and manage customized 401K and 403B plans tailored for businesses and organizations or serve as investment advisors and consultants for your current plan.



  • Business Succession Planning
  • Employee Benefits Planning
  • Customized 401K & 403B Plans
  • Business Consulting
  • Payroll Processing & Tax Filing

Individuals & Families 

  • Investment Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Preparation Services
  • Education Funding


Non- Profit Clients

  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Investment Management
  • Gifting Strategies
  • Estate, Trust, & Gift Return
  • Education Programs


Bruce Roberts Photo

Bruce Roberts

Founder & President

Prior to founding Regal Capital in 2002, Mr. Roberts worked for three years in the financial planning and investment management field with one of the largest independent financial planning firms in southern Indiana. Prior to entering the financial planning field, Mr. Roberts worked for two Fortune 500 corporations in professional and management positions. Mr. Roberts then left the corporate world to become a consultant and teach for Indiana University and Vincennes University in their business and continuing education divisions. Mr. Roberts currently is an adjunct instructor for Indiana Wesleyan University. 

Mr. Roberts received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration Summa Cum Laude from Northwood University in 1988. He also completed his MBA in Financial Planning from City University in 2006.

Mr. Roberts appreciates the best gifts in life. He is the proud husband and father of two boys.

Mr. Roberts is available as a speaker on investment and financial planning topics. Currently, there is no fee for Bedford and surrounding-area organizations, churches, and other groups. If you represent a group outside the Bedford and surrounding area, please contact us for a fee schedule.

Step By Step, We Help You

— In Achieving Your Financial Goals —




The Basis to Your Financial Future

The Plan


A comprehensive approach to Financial Planning (and likewise, Investment Management) focuses on all areas of the your financial situation and develops a course of action to help you achieve your unique goals. Some of our services include:

Portfolio Management

Estate and Wealth Transfer

Tax Planning

Risk Management

Family Consulting, and more.

As We Move Forward, We'll Focus On:

The Services


After determining your specific needs and wants, we can determine what next steps to take in achieving these goals. Some aspects of The Financial Plan may include:

Analyzing your existing situation

Defining goals

Creating an Investment Policy Statement

Assisting the client in implementation and recommendation

Periodically review and revise. 

A Sound Approach to Your Investments


At Regal Capital Management, we work with you to determine the right investment approach. We'll take care of all the details and keep you updated on your progress so that you can focus on enjoying your life. We provide the following services to steer you on the right direction, and keep you on track with your investments:

Portfolio Analysis & Management

 Asset Allocation

Investment Policy Statements

Performance Reporting

Resources to Help You Stay Connected



Our wealth management process is thorough, ongoing, and carefully executed by implementing the following steps:

1 Assessment and Goal Setting

  • Gather and organize all pertinent data.
  • Identify, quantify, and prioritize goals and objectives.
  • Evaluate and identify risk tolerance.


2 Develop a Strategic Plan

  • Develop an asset allocation strategy using techniques that accomplish our investment approach.
  • Prepare an Investment Policy Statement which will contain the objectives, investment process, risk tolerance, and asset allocation to achieve the clients goals.
  • Create Risk Management Strategies.


3 Implementation of the Investment Plan

  • Allocate assets based upon our investment approach.
  • Implement and integrate the investment plan into the total wealth management process that will include areas such as estate planning and asset protection.


4 Continuous Wealth Management Monitoring

  • On-going performance measurement and evaluation.
  • Quarterly reporting.
  • Frequent client review meetings.
  • Investment policy statement supervision.
  • Due diligence.

With our disciplined investment approach, we do not spend time chasing performance and the latest investment. We seek to bring peace and a sound mind to the evolving world of financial planning and investment management.

Whether you are a private client trying to navigate the financial waters, a company that desires a customized 401K program, or a non-profit organization that desires stewardship with endowment accounts, our firm may be just the partner you are looking for.

At Regal Capital Management, we believe: 

  •  Clients' deserve a financial plan based upon their unique goals and risk tolerance.
  •  In a sound investment process based upon Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT)
  •  In the value of a finding a financial partner who can design, implement and monitor your financial plan 
  •  The investment plan is only a part of a comprehensive financial planning process.
  •  Risk management is paramount to wealth preservation. 

Stay Connected With Us

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100% objective advice

— free from any conflicts of interest —



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